CAP Phase

Step 1. Application: Apply for acceptance as Embedded Occupational Intern in CuratorCo.

Step 2. Registration: Registration as Embedded Occupational Intern. Sign (i) Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and (ii) Non-Plagiarism Undertaking.

Step 3. CAP Selection: Selection of CAP Topic/Theme and tracking of achievement(s) that is/are projected in terms of 6 categories of Creative Achievement:

Step 4. Oversight. Nominate (i) Occupational Intermediary who act as CuratorCo Guardian and CuratorCo Liaison, and (ii) Panel of Experts for valuation of CAP achievement(s).

Step 5. The Enterprise Phase: Undertake CAP project within the framework of projected achievement(s). The norm for time allowed for the successful development of a CAP’s achievement(s) is 1 year

Step 6. Valuation: Market Valuation and accreditation of the CAP by Table 4 6 Panel of Expert Practitioners (= Valuators)

Step 7. Accreditation. Accreditation and intermediate registration of SWIDDI at Intellectual Property Desk and Registration Bureau.

The CAP Phase (= The 1st Phase) is considered successful upon the endorsement of the accreditation of the client’s CAP product as original, inventive or innovative by the Secretariat of the CuratorCo. Endoresement is upon recommendation of the Table 4 6 Panel of Expert Practitioners. This officially and formally vest the proprietary rights of the client(s) in the achievement(s), whether it is a product, service and/or system.

MAP Phase: Upon successful completion of CAP Phase

Step 8. Registration of .pic (dot_pic) company: The client’s Proprietary Interest Company (= dot_pic company) is now registered within the protective structure of CuratorCo

Step 9. Global Market Entry Phase: The products of the dot_pic company are marketed as asset in the niché Cloud based Economy for Creative Achievement

Step 10. 1st Annual Report: At the end of the 1st year the proprietor of the dot_pic company has to provide CuratorCo with a report that fully reports on the achievements of the company. The achievements of the 1st operational year of the company will determine the railing and emancipation level of the company as it enters its 2nd year.