Conditions and Requirements for CuratorCo Internships:

Contract-based Affiliation: CuratorCo register as Embedded Occupational Interns. Formal affiliation to the CuratorCo franchise is fee-based.

Financial Ability: Clients (Embedded Occupational Interns) must have the financial capabilities to remunerate CuratorCo for its curatorship service and the use of its resources.

For Phase 1: Career Alignment Projection (CAP) Phase

  1. Identity Verification: A copy of the client’s ID document is required for identity verification purposes
  2. Personal Résumé/CV: Certified record of personal information and achievements for audit purposes in respect of attributes and achievements
  3. Communication Technology: Clients need functional access to electronic devices such as mobile phones, ipads, tablets and/or personal computers (desktop, laptop) for purposes of
    1. Communication with the CuratorCo Secretariat
    2. Communicating through the CuratorCo email address
    3. Communicating with InfoMediaries and expert advisors ito CAP/MAP related assignments
  4. Personal Computer: Clients need access to an electronic information storage device for purposes of
    1. Researching internet-based resources, including the CuraorCo web site web site for information and in respect of CAP-related assignments
    2. Establishing a virtual office for the management of his/her dot_pic company (The MAP Phase)
  5. Internet access: Access to the Internet is essential requirement and the Internet to access the CuratorCo web site
  6. Personal bank account: Clients need to have a legal and functional personal bank account
  7. Postal address: Clients need to have a functional and long term postal address for communication and packag delivery purposes
  8. Specific logistical resources and capabilities, such as
    1. Access to transport: the capability to travel to meetings and events
    2. Accommodation, eg when traveling internationally
    3. A library for research purposes
  9. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement: Clients need to sign to protect information that relate to the protection of
    1. Their confidential personal and Intellectual property rights (IP Rights)
    2. Intelligence – including trade secrets - that is provided to them by CuratorCo for the benefit of their dot_pic companies
  10. Web site: CuratorCo clients need to set up an internet presence (= web site) for credibility and marketing purposes respectively

For phase 2: Occupational Market Alignment Projection (MAP) Phase

  1. Clients set up and manage a desktop .pic company (A dot_pic Company) within the protective Railing Framework provided by CuratorCo. A dot_pic company may be a
    1. Design studio:
      1. Word Art
      2. Music, song-writing and choreography
      3. Artistic expression,
    2. Culinary Studio (Kitchen)
    3. Research/Experimentation lab
    4. Reporter’s desk: News and Scientific reporting
    5. Bureau: (Eg information)
    6. Theatre (Stage)
    7. Boutique or Floral Design Studio
    8. Gallery
    9. Salon
    10. Cyber-Space based store/emporium for shop-shelve sales (Eg Clothes, such as fashion items)
    11. Practice:
      1. General practice (No license required) eg Landscaping and cleaning
      2. CyberSpace based (Virtual) Practice where licensing is required by law (Such as medical practice (Med.practice), veterinary practice (Vet.practice), law practice (Law.Practice))


CuratorCo provides Tracking and railing support to the MAP related operations (‘Ops’) and opportunities (‘Opps’) of dot_pic company, including

The following requirements are set for both the phases (CAP Phase and Map Phase)

  1. Permission of Parents or Legal Guardians, including i.t.o. Terms and Conditions mentioned here-above
  2. Indemnity, endorsed by parents or legal guardians, for all activities undertaken by clients