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It is not possible to predict the future accurately. Short term prediction is possible to an extent, but long term prediction has no Scientific base. There can be no template – such as business plans and budgets - for the future, specifically in terms of in terms of corporate achievement, as variable are too numerous.

Both the Consumer World and the Corporate World are complex due to market volatility, societal ambiguities, very few business leaders possess suitable persona with the relevant predictive attribute sets to identify, analyse, interpret and manage future critical problem sets.

Less than 10% of start-up enterprises succeed in the longer term.

A critical cause of enterprise failure is the lack of access to relevant information, as well as business intelligence. Business Intelligence is probably the most critical juncture and articulation point in respect of business model design.

It has been proven that most new business enterprises succeed when the owners and administrators are assisted by practicing professionals and industry experts who act as mentors and advisors.