Constitutional Law BootCamp II - 23 to 27 May 2022

The 2nd edition of the online Constitutional Law BootCamp II has been scheduled for 23 to 27 May 2022.

The Constitutional Law BootCamp is an online moot court concept that creates opportunities for future law-makers and lawyers to set up Student_LawPractices while still at school or college, and undertake moot/mock cases about real issues in real time under the mentorship of Subject Matter Experts (SME's).

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Rules of the Moot Court

ADDENDUM: Ex Parte Moot Court Cases are scheduled for Constitutional Law BootCamp 2022 (23 to 27 May 2022)

Ex Parte Motion 1:Universal Human Rights – The Universal Right to be protected from Judicial/Constitutional Malpractice - Is it just Critical Race Theory?

The Classification of members of the Homo sapiens sapiens (Hss) species as different ‘races’ on the basis of their skin colour is unlawful/illegitimate within the context of international Human Rights Laws.

Case under litigation: Ex Parte Dr Peter De Jager vs University of Pretoria (UP) – Heard on 24 May 2021 (South African Human Right Law)

Presiding Judge(s) and Assessors: To be announced by GSMC in 2022

Ex Parte Motion 2:World Citizens of states have a Universal Right of access to Clean Water.

Case under litigation: Class Action – Ex Parte Citizens of the City of Tshwane vs The Provincial Department of Water Affairs

Facts of the Case: Citizens do not have access to clean water due to massive sewage pollution of all revers in the catchment area which is the only sources of drinking water. Several babies died as a result of serious E.coli infections.

Ex Parte Motion 3:World Citizens of states have a Universal Right of access to Healthy and Nutritious Food

Case under litigation: Ex Parte Citizens XYZ – Food for Thought – The Mental Imperative.

Facts of the Case: Fish imported by Company X from a undisclosed country contained harmful chemical lead (Pb) which caused a mental and neurological disorders in various babies. Medical schemes of parents refuse to pay for critical medical expenses incurred.

Ex Parte Motion 4:World Citizens of states have a Universal Right of (Personal) Freedom, and not to be enslaved in any way whatsoever.

Ex Parte Motion 5: World Citizens of states have the Universal Right of Life, including the right to choose termination of personal life due to exceptional circumstances.

Motion 5(i)b: Ex Parte Citizen Y – Mercy for the Mindless?

Applicant: Canadian Citizen in an institution for Alzheimer’s patients in USA; only relatives live in South Africa.

Motion 5(ii): Ex Parte Unborn Citizen Z - Mercy for the Unborn?

Applicant: Ugandan Citizen employed in Johannesburg applies for a legal abortion which is necessitated by a hereditary neurocognitive impairment.

Ex Parte Motion 6: World Citizens have the Universal Right to functional Medical Advice, inter alia the right to choose medical treatment.

Case under litigation: Medical Malpractice: Ex Parte Citizen X – Pill or Scalpel?

Ex Parte Motion 7:World Citizens have the universal right to Data Security.

Ex Parte Motion 8:World Citizens have the universal right of Protection against Criminal Activity, specifically international Criminal Networks.

Ex Parte Motion 9(i): World Citizens have the universal right to receive Functional, Constructive Education, free from political influences and interventions

Case under litigation: Ex Parte Scholar X – is Grotto Education the Only Option?

Ex Parte Motion 9(ii):World Citizens have the universal right to Preferred Personal Career Paths, and to design, develop and manage such a career within the context of free international trade and entrepreneurial principles.

Ex Parte Motion 10:Recognizing invisible and Intangible assets & property as commercial value in law firms as business units in the Law-Making and -Enforcement EcoSystem.

Ex Parte Motion 11: Jurisdiction in Space Law - Allocation of criminal, civil and delictual liability across international legal boundaries.

Case Under litigation: Ex Parte Mamelodi Secondary School (Pretoria, South Africa) et al vs European Space Agency (ESA).

Facts of the case: School buildings damaged, and several scholars injured when space debris fall onto the school. Debris caused by crash between space craft and space junk from unknown origin..

Ex Parte Motion 12: World Citizens have the universal right to freely practice their respective religions which are not harmful to any other person or living creature..