Global Achievement Convention (GAC)

The Future is not a mirage or an illusion, but an inevitable reality. It also is an indisputably reality that today’s problems and crises will magnify if nothing is done about it NOW.

Previous generations have created - directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally - many problems of the 1st instance.

As the present adult generation, we therefore have an obligation not to leave growing current crises for our children and grandchildren to deal with in their later lives.

It also is our sacred duty to assist and guide young people with affected ability, including affected connectivity, to architect their own career paths and dedicated occupations.

Although some problems are country-specific, most are Global in nature. Some are intentional, some are collateral, like over-population with nevertheless severe consequences. These include – inter alia – man-made problems such as

All these factors influence the economic well-being of World Citizens, individually and collectively.

Young people who are – with reason - concerned about their respective futures have to start NOW to reduce the toxicity levels of the 2050 environment, and to secure a safe and functional future for themselves.

The essence of the Youth’s strategy is to identify and determine what the future will be like in 2050.

The nature and level of the problems of 2050 will determine the level of skills, experience, knowledge that the 2050 Generation will need - NOW - to successfully manage the crises of that time. These attributes that the Youth have to develop, need to match those that will be required in 2050. This concept is called Retrospective Attribute and Achievement Prediction (C_PAT)

This can only be achieved functionally and constructively if we – as parents and grandparents – help them to design, develop and manage the Future, and act as curators for them, collectively guiding them into their Future.

Working in partnership with a number of persons, organisations, institutions and corporate enterprises of standing internationally, and who share our belief, initiated the Global Achievement Convention (GAC) as universal platform for today’s youth to start building a prosperous and peaceful future.

The GAC consists of the following sub-platforms, which form one integrated and inter-linked unit:

The emergence of new technologies in the face of these crises has also brought great challenges: many previous occupations have become extinct, and many will in future. On the other hand, new technologies create new occupations.

The 5 keys to the Future are: scientific discovery, technical invention, innovation, creative art’istry (artistic design) and strategic problem solving.

We have designed and developed the C_PAT system that will help the Youth of TODAY, i.e. the 2050 Generation, to design their own Attribute and Achievement Algorithm by undertaking prediction projects based on case studies. We have titled these scientifically predictive case studies eco-system ‘Attribute and Achievement Projections’. To accurately predict one’s future is an almost impossible task, but the identification, creation and management of prediction anchor points narrow the prediction horizon significantly.