Courtrooms of the Future

Practicing Law in The Future will be very different from now in terms of both content and context. Remember the old saying that change is a constant factor in Life, so be prepared for it!

Law Enforcement is – in the 1st instance - rapidly becoming Global, and will play an increasingly critical, interactive and interrelated role in the 6 main Career Path and Occupation EcoSystems.

It has become abundantly clear that school level education and edu-training as well as the ability to design personal prediction algorithms in the field of law will be the foundation block for successful law practitioners.

In this the Self-do Factor is probably the most important element of Career Architecture.

Occupational Cognitivity holds the key to career success in the Real Time Courtroom. Therefore, the inclusion of moot and mock court projects at school level where current problems - that are bound to generate future litigation - are undertaken, have become a non-negotiable as far as career path design, development and management [= Career Path Architecture] is concerned.

The Demographics of Future Law-making and Law Enforcement EcoSystem:

The Global Economics and Commerce EcoSystem:

The increasing importance of Scaling - The Economics and Affordability Factor. The inter-relatedness between (i) Personal invisible values and interests, and (ii) Commerce based fiscal values is increasing. The intangible and invisible values of career achievements, as well as human rights are more and more recognised and appreciated as corporate assets/property that must be protected across geographic borders.

Information Technologies, Informatics and Intelligence:

The profile of personal and corporate data security has become a critical issue, and its nature is changing on ongoing basis.

The Technology and Ergonomics EcoSystem:

New technologies are rewriting the basic character of law-making and -enforcement. It is an ongoing process.

In future Robot in Court! will serve as fact checker, and even as a member of the bench. Robo-assessors and Robo-sentencing assistants will become part of the real time court. Robo-translators will act as media assistants. The so-called ‘zoom’-court has already become a reality.

The future role of Artificial Intelligence [AI] Technology cannot be over-emphasised as it may in the near future already develop Success vs Failure Algorithms as time- and cost saving instruments.

The (i) Natural and Engineered Environments, and the Global Social and Societal EcoSystem:

These are impacting in Global context, and factors such as over-population, refugee rights, pollution, environmental degradation, and international crime networks have already, and of course regional wars will in future shape litigation across geographic borders.

A critical aspect to know and understand is The Domino Factor: as a result of consequential developments in the various EcoSystems many existing occupations in the field of Law will disappear in the next decade, and many new ones will appear.