Global_Entrepreneurs is the global domicilium mercantium, the digital e-marketing and e-trading address for the valuation and self-auction of any entrepreneurial achievement based on scientific discovery, technical invention, innovation, creative design as well as advanced problem-solving techniques.

Global_Entrepreneurs creates a global investment and sponsorships portal for any person who develops his or her career like a corporate enterprise within entrepreneurial context.

It specifically supports under-age persons living in under-resourced communities, where future career opportunities are severely compromised: young persons living in school hostels and orphanages anywhere in the world have the opportunity to functionally design their respective start-up career paths under the curatorship of specialises in the retrospective prediction of career paths and the tracking of innovative career-specific achievement (CPAT).

Global_Entrepreneurs is – in particular - the online domain for the curatored design, development and management of start-up careers or occupations of innovative entrepreneuring by persons affected by physical, sensory, psychiatric, neurological, cognitive and intellectual disability, specifically Acquired Brain or Spine Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum (Including Asperger's Syndrome), Down Syndrome, ADHD, PTSD

A critical factor in modern time career path architecture is the fact that the future of work is continuously being reshaped and disrupted by new technologies. The 5th Industrial Revolution (5IR) and the 5th Generation (5G) mobile internet networks are rendering many existing careers and occupations obsolete. At the same time however, modern technologies are creating thousands of new occupations. Therefore, without guidance, mentorship, logistical support, specifically predictive curatorship, underage entrepreneurs will not be successful in the design, development and management of their respective start-up careers.

A further component of successful future career path development is the principle of Collaborative Innovation within corporate enterprise context, and the integrated interrelated opportunity creation of controllable, sustainable future career spaces.