How-To Guide to the Future

Career News Mini-Blog #1: What About 2050?

You can not design your personal career path successfully without a retrospective calculation, calibration and tracking of the skills, knowledge, attitude and experience you will need at any given point in future.

Various factors influence and impact on your future career path architecture. These include

Your ability to discover, invent, innovate, design and create solutions to problems is the bedrock of a successful career

The old expression "I am looking for a job" does not apply in modern times anymore. The self-achieved ability by any person to choose, self-design, implement, and manage his or her future career path within, and in context of, the terms of Entrepreneurship, form the essence of career architecture: Your future career is your most valuable commercial asset. The most critical component of that is the ability to retrospectively predict and track anchor-points that will form the bedrock of your future achievements. There is no other way to construct and control a successful future.

Authored by Adrian S Meyer, Founder & Co-Owner of
January 2021