The Real'IT Student_LawPractice™

The Student_LawPractice is an online International Future Law-Makers and Lawyers ('Junior Law School') programme where aspirant law practitioners have the opportunity to learn and practice law in a future Real'IT Moot Court environment.

Students from all high school grades may select career-building projects and projections which will help them to:

  1. Gain knowledge, skills and experience across the whole spectrum of law-related occupations, from law-making and law enforcement to live data management in court and journalism.
  2. Design and develop a personal occupation prediction algorithm that is based on tactical career projections
  3. Participate in the Global Schools Moot Court (GSMC) Programme, the leading international moot court programme that deals with litigation issues relating to International Constitutional Law of the next 30 years (The online Real'IT Moot Court Programme)

Senior school students may establish and register a Student-LawPractice in the Real'IT space and undertake real time cases in moot format, under the Curatorship of professional Subject Matter Experts (S.M.E.'s).

This Programme offers opportunities to Student_LawPractitioners to design, develop and manage a Future Intangible & Invisible Asset/Property Portfolio (= The S.A.I.T.S. Cognitive Achievement Index) for start-up Student_LawPractice, registering and protecting

This Portfolio develops the goodwill and branding for Student_LawPractitioners, which will be a valuable intangible and invisible asset (Reputation) portfolio upon graduation at university level.

The Student_LawPractice programme has the following online categories:

The visionary, future-looking Law Practice of the Student_LawPractitioner will include the following portfolios:

  1. Owner/Founder – Senior Partner; Practice Liaison.
  2. Litigation Specialist Partner 1.
  3. Litigation Specialist Partner 2.
  4. Accounting Partner: Investment and Asset Manager for Intangible/Tangible and Invisible/Visible Property.
  5. Information Specialist/Fact Checker: Acting inter alia as courtroom fact checker during moot court cases.
  6. Research Partner: Command and Manage Information/data research, fact collection and analysis.
  7. Technology/Ergonomics Partner: Manage technology eg computers, mobile phones, internet, and related aspects.
  8. Design Partner: practice logo, jingle, web site design, and dress [Eg T-Shirts]
  9. Office Partner: Manager Administration and Logistics [Appointments, travel, registrations, accommodation etc]
  10. Marketing & Publicity Partner: Media, social communications, media, publications; profit making events and products.

Funding of the Student_LawPractice

The Student_LawPractice is a self-funding enterprise with

  1. All partners investing in profit-generating shares,
  2. Income derived from commercial activities, i.a. sale of paraphernalia such as T-Shirts,
  3. Auction of tangible /intangible, visible /invisible property /assets during S.A.I.T.S. Auction [Scientific Discoveries, artistic designs /creations, innovations, technical inventions eg applications, and system /problem solving improvements].