The Real'IT Student_MedPractice™

The Real'IT Student_MedPractice™ is an online 'Junior Med School' career architecture programme where aspirant practitioners in the medical and health professions have the opportunity to learn and practice in a moot future Real'IT Emergency-Room (ER) environment.

Students from all school grades may select career-building projects and projections which will help them to:

(i) Gain knowledge, skills and experience across the whole spectrum of medicine-related occupations, such as practicing medicine to medical-law-making and - law enforcement, live data management in consulting rooms and operating theatres, as well as academic research and journalism.

(ii) Design and develop a personal occupation prediction algorithm that is based on tactical career projections

Senior school students may establish and register a Student-MedPractice in the Real'IT space and undertake real time research and patient-care cases in moot space, under the Curatorship of professional Subject Matter Experts (S.M.E.'s).

This Programme offers opportunities to Student_MedPractitioners to design, develop and manage a Future Intangible & Invisible Asset/Property Portfolio (= The S.A.I.T.S. Cognitive Achievement Index™) for start-up Student_MedPractices, registering and protecting

This Portfolio develops the goodwill and branding for Student_MedPractitioners, which will be a valuable intangible and invisible asset (Reputation) portfolio upon graduation at university level.

The Student_MedPractice programme has – inter alia - the following online categories: